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It’s an uncommon thing these days.


A perfect storm of national condemnation has descended on this carved-up attention whore with an overactive uterus and some medical insurance she apparently picked up at the AM/PM, as an afterthought, after the scratch-offs.

For Chrissakes, even Chris Brown has his “supporters”, albeit, most likely, a hidden gaggle of rappers with the hair piece. But still, wtf?

Everybody, save for a few doe-eyed Christ-ers, have turned hard on this woman.

And rightfully so.

Image, a non-celebrity doing something so heinous, so blatantly tugging on both our heart strings and our purse strings deserves this rarely reached level of pure, naked ire.

It’s like she somehow managed to do everything that could be offensive, all at once. And these days, that’s absurdly hard to do.

Suddenly Bill O’Reilly’s wagging finger doesn’t seem so creepily wrinkly.

Yes, believe it or not, it is possible to have morality without religion. And beyond the biggies (murder, theft, rape, etc) there are, and should be, things that are just plain wrong. Even though an argument could, technically be made… for… whatever it may be. Our problem is that in our zealous attempt to “understand” each other, and not “pre-judge” persons or situations, we’ve over-indexed on the side of placation. Of tolerance. Of acceptance.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t make an effort to understand each other, and be vigilant about staying open to new ideas. Etc. Etc. We should.

And sure, it’s tough to lay down hard-and-fast moral rules without the Religion cheat sheet. And in a way Religion gives morality a bad name (ironically). But really, ass-hole-i-tude is like anything else. And like that classic definition of pornography: we know it when we see it.

And in Octomom, we certainly see it.

America, a mirror.

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