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A what?

Comeon, spit it out.

The posters and ads had been around for weeks: Zack and Miri Make a PORNO.

That’s what.

And that’s great.

Never mind that the O’Reilly’s of the world would ask, and semi-rightfully so: “So, now I have to tell my kid what a porno is?”

I know. I know. It’s a prudish slippery slope.

Domino nuns.

But not the worst thing in the world.

Of course that’s what the movie’s about. And it is certainly a catchy title.

But then?

But then I’m watching SNL this Saturday, and they run the spot without the fact that they MAKE A PORNO.

It’s now, officially, “Zack and Miri”.

Kindof like “Thelma and Louise”. I guess.

Like minds:

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If you’ve been watching TV at all in the last two weeks you just might have seen the latest Red Lobster commercial, advertising their “Jumbo Shrimp”.

What’s strange is, although this seems like your ordinary, run-of-the-mill Red Lobster commercial with the nautical imagery and the gratuitously suggestive lemon wedge squrtings… they’ve actually broken new ground in marketing. Yes. It’s true.

Normally, they would call it “Jumbo Shrimp Week” or “Jumbo Shrimp Extravaganza!!!”. And the copy would read something like:

“Come on in to Red Lobster during our Jumbo Shrimp Extravaganza!!! and get all you can eat buttery, golden-broiled shrimp”… blah blah blah.

But, since Red Lobster is now defiantly re-shaping the English language, the copy goes like this:

“Come on in to Red Lobster during Jumbo Shrimp and get all you can eat buttery, golden-broiled shrimp”…

….um, wha?

That’s right. Red Lobster has apparently run out of catchy “event” monikers, and have decided to just go with the proper “sea name” instead. We can look forward to “seabass”, “scallop” “fried clam” and even “cod” sometime in the near future. They were even too cool to simply put the word “week” after the damnd thing. How can we know how long it’s supposed to last?

So it’s “Jumbo Shrimp”. Now acceptable to be used like other terms meaning “extended length of time: eg, “Rhamadan”, “sweeps” or “finals”.

No, not the end of the advertising world. Just. Damn. Weird.

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