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This bill failed because the American People were calling their representatives at least 99-1 against this bailout.

Any bailout.

And it’s simply because they don’t quite understand this. Neither the problem, nor the proposed solutions.

And it’s not surprising. I watch CNBC all day, read the Economist every week, and I still don’t understand all of it.

It’s not the public’s fault.

Wall Street has been feeding them a string of lies for years now, and so has DC. It is a classic Chicken Little situation.

They’ve been saying for weeks that if we don’t act tomorrow, the Universe will implode.

But it hasn’t.

If it was so important, the Democrats should’ve passed this bill by themselves.

But they didn’t.

If it was so urgent, they could’ve worked over the Jewish Holiday.

But they couldn’t.

So it’s not crazy that the American People aren’t quite grasping the import, here.

Despite the distrust of DC, the individual, respective representatives could be of help explaining this.

Because, of course, everyone hates every politician… except for their politician.

But it seems they’re too busy insulting each other.

It is undeniable that McCain and Obama missed a chance to win this election when they refused, for some reason, to even half-heartedly address this issue in the debates. They could’ve explained at least a bit of it. They could’ve at least imparted a sense of urgency.

But it seems they were too busy not losing the debate.

You know, it’s not the political ineptitude that’s so surprising here. It’s how long it continues to go on.

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Campaign slogans are sometimes powerful things. And at their most powerful, they sometimes even decide whole elections.

For instance,

“It’s the economy, stupid” – 19942 Clinton/Gore

Simply brilliant. And it wasn’t even their “official” slogan, but it stuck. And to this day is more memorable than whatever their “official” one was.

Like that, the best ones in history are succinct. They are are sufficiently chant-able. And above all they are true.

They also tend to fall into certain categories. Such as:

“Change you can believe in” – 2008, Obama/Biden

“Back to normalcy” – 1920, Harding/Coolidge

“A chicken in every pot. A car in every garage.” – 1928 Hoover/Curtis

“Grandfather’s hat fits Ben” – 1888 Harrison/Morton

“Grant us another term” – 1872 Grant/Colfax

“Remember Hoover!” – 1936 Roosevelt/Garner

And… finally… SEXUAL:
“We Polked you in ’44, We shall Pierce you in ’52” – 1982 Pierce/King

So, what category does that put McCain/Palin’s seemingly simple, yet all-of-a-sudden-everywhere “Country First?”

Of course, it takes you to John McCain’s military service. As it is intended to do.

But look closer. It does something else, too. And to explain what, exactly, that is, we will let the unassuming woman I recently met in a rural Utah Bed and Breakfast, while watching McCain’s Convention keynote, clarify.

HER: “Hmmm. Country First… I like that slogan.”
ME: “Really? What do you think it means?”
HER: “Well, that John McCain thinks of his Country first, before other things.”
ME: “Before other things? Like what?”
HER: “Ego.”

Sometimes the most powerful things, are the simple things.


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