T-mobile: A Resolution

Well, well, well. They folded.

About 5 weeks ago I got this 3-page note from my New York State Attorney General:

(original diatribe here, legal documents here, and follow-up here)

And I must say… As a very, very anti-government guy (to a point) I was a little torn with using this State “service” to do my dirty work. But the fact of the matter was that TMobile essentially dared me to hire a lawyer. And a lawyer is a lot more expensive than their get-out-of-contract fee of $300+. And, well, I pay taxes. So it sortof made sense.

And again, the main (and very specific) reason I decided to involve the New York State Attorney General is to answer the question:

“if they can’t produce a copy of a SIGNED contract, is it TRUE they can only hold me to 1-year?” –a tactic listed on just about every “Get Out Of That Pesky Cellphone Contract!” webpost.

And that answer is… well, I still don’t know. Because even though TMobile quickly relinquished it’s dominion over me, and mine (even though they tried to enforce the “handset upgrade” which they had promised me wouldn’t extend my contract), it’s still NOT clear whether it was because:

a) they couldn’t produce the signed contract, or…

b) simply because I had Big Brother as my bodyguard.

The reason this update has taken 5 weeks is when I initially received the good news I immediately wrote my SAG back, asking them to clarify the main point (that pesky signed contract thing).

And only yesterday they called me back, and said: “Sorry, but we don’t provide legal advice”.


(Apparently they only provide tax-payer-funded bullying services).

Oh well.

I can’t say I’m totally disappointed. I did manage to wiggle out of TMobile’s clutches, and I’m happily on AT&T with my awesome new iPhone 3G (review forthcoming).

But the question still remains: does this “signed contract” argument hold any water?

In lieu of hiring a lawyer, I’m putting the question right back out there, into teh internets, into the ether…

Well, does it?


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